Hull mother takes legal action over baby ashes

Claire Clappison
Image caption Claire Clappison says she wants 'justice' for he son Hayden who died when she was 18 weeks pregnant

A mother who discovered her son's ashes had been kept for nine years after his cremation is taking legal action against the hospital trust she claims told her there would be no remains.

Claire Clappison's son Hayden died in 2003 when she was 18 weeks pregnant.

She says Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust said there would be no ashes but, in 2013, found they were being held by the funeral director.

The Trust said it would do "whatever we can" to provide answers.

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Ms Clappison said: "The only reason I'm doing this is because I want justice for Hayden.

"It's not fair just to be sat on a shelf in cupboard at a funeral directors for nine years.

"I want somebody to say sorry and admit that it was them. Sorry goes a long way."

'Suffered psychologically'

Her legal challenge is being supported by Hudgell Solicitors.

The firm claims to have evidence staff at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (HEYH) misinformed parents there would be no ashes.

Lawyer, Andy Petherbridge said he believed the trust had "breached its duty of care by giving incorrect advice out".

He said: "What we're hoping for is, firstly, answers as to why this happened and, secondly, assurances that this won't happen again. People have suffered psychologically as a result of this."

Mr Petherbridge said he believed hundreds of bereaved parents may have been affected and similar legal action was "likely to follow".

Kevin Phillips, chief medical officer for HEYH said: "I would again like to offer my deepest sympathies to anyone affected by the loss of a baby.

"I would also like to reassure all those who experienced such a loss at this trust that we will do whatever we can to help answer any questions they have about the cremation arrangements made at the relevant time."

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