Milly Dowler: Lawyer claims Bellfield link to Russell murders

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Media captionMr Bacon said an efit of the suspect bore a resemblance to Bellfield

The lawyer of a man convicted of murdering a mother and daughter in Kent has claimed serial killer Levi Bellfield may have been responsible.

Michael Stone is serving life for the murders of Lin and Megan Russell, who were tied up and bludgeoned to death in Chillenden, Kent, in 1996.

Two appeals against his convictions have failed but his lawyer Paul Bacon wants police to review the case again.

Kent Police said it was not looking for anyone else in relation to the murders.

Mrs Russell and her daughters, Megan, six, and Josie, nine, were targeted as they walked along a country lane. Josie survived but was left with brain damage.

Stone is serving three life sentences and has been told he must serve at least 25 years in jail.

'Many similarities'

Earlier Bellfield was given a whole-life tariff for murdering Milly Dowler in Surrey in 2002.

He had already been convicted of killing Marsha McDonnell, 19, in February 2003 and Amelie Delagrange, 22, in August 2004, by striking them on their heads with a blunt instrument.

Mr Bacon said: "Bellfield is 6ft 1in and it was said by Josie that the person was a bit taller than her dad. Her dad was 6ft. Michael Stone is 5ft 7in.

"The e-fit, which was composed at the time of the murder is round faced, red faced, ruddy cheeked.

"If you look at the picture of that e-fit composed in 1996 against the photographs of Levi Bellfield in 1996, there are so many similarities it is untrue.

"Compare that e-fit with the long thin face of Michael Stone in 1996 and the differences are startling."

Mr Bacon also pointed out that Josie described a beige Ford car at the scene - and at the time Bellfield was driving a beige Ford Sapphire.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "Michael Stone's conviction has been up for appeal twice, and Kent Police are not looking for anyone else in relation to the case."

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