Kent Police warning over Shepway's home-alone teenagers

Rising numbers of complaints about teenagers left alone at home and having loud parties have been made in Shepway.

Kent Police and Shepway council have urged parents going away on holiday not leave their children alone if they are likely to disturb neighbours.

Officers attended a house in Hawkinge on two nights running in August.

In the first incident, loud music was reported. In the second, about 20 young people had outside in the early hours and were sounding car horns.

Police found young people had been staying at the house while the householder was abroad, and her son was at work.

Kent Police has not issued figures for the numbers of complaints, but said the force had received a rising number of calls from householders.

Shepway anti-social behaviour officer, PC John Weller, said: "We are seeing an increasing number of calls like this.

"Parents must ensure that young people are only left home alone if they understand how to behave responsibly."

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