Thieves steal luxury hot tub from Kent garden

Thieves cut down two trees to steal a £9,150 hot tub from the deck of a summerhouse in a Kent garden.

Police believe they may have posed as workmen to take the item, which has a built-in music system, from Patrixbourne, near Canterbury.

The 450kg (992lb) tub had to be lifted by crane when it was installed in 2010.

PC Karen Robson said: "This wasn't the work of an opportunist - the thieves have gone to extreme lengths to steal this hot tub."

'Offered for sale'

She added: "They have cut down two trees and may have used a vehicle with lifting equipment to lift it over the boundary fence.

"Otherwise it would have needed several people to get the hot tub out as it weighed around 450kg without water.

"The thieves may have appeared to have been legitimate workmen when in fact they were stealing the hot tub. I would like to hear from anyone who saw them or the vehicle they used.

"I would also like to hear from anyone who knows where the hot tub is now, or has been offered it for sale. This is an expensive item and I am keen to see it returned to its rightful owner."

The owner, who wants to remain anonymous, said: "We still can't believe the lengths someone has gone to in order to steal the hot tub.

"The hot tub was only a year old and we would very much like it back."

Kent Police said the theft took place between 6 and 8 December.

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