Arrests after scrap metal raids across Kent

Seven people have been arrested in Kent in a series of raids aimed at cracking down on the sale of stolen metal.

Lead and cable worth thousands of pounds was found during the operation by Kent Police.

Five people were arrested for conspiracy to handle stolen goods and two others will be questioned about supplying class A drugs.

Eight homes, two commercial properties and seven scrap yards were visited by police during the operation.

'Bringing misery'

Officers searched scrap yards in Ramsgate, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Tenterden and carried out road checks close to the businesses.

Staff at scrap yards in Aylesford, Erith and Canterbury were given advice by police about their responsibilities under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act.

Deputy Chief Constable Alan Pughsley said: "The theft of metal is bringing misery, literally, to thousands of people.

"Householders are being left without power and light and businesses are unable to function."

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