Dog dies after 'brutal beating' in Dover

Steps near where the dog was found
Image caption The dog was found alive near steps but had to be put down because of his injuries

A dog has been killed in Kent by being hit on the head in what the RSPCA has described as a "brutal beating".

Officers said the Jack Russell was struck with a sharp object such as a stiletto or a screwdriver which injured the dog's head.

The animal was found alive but covered in blood on Saturday at 08:00 BST at the junction of Bunkers Hill Road and Hillside Road in Dover.

He was taken to a vet but had to be put down because of his injuries.

Not microchipped

RSPCA Inspector Julia Fuller said: "We do not know what the weapon was, as it was not found but it caused a clean hole in the head so it may have been something like a stiletto shoe, a screwdriver or a piece of wood with a nail in the end.

"This was a brutal beating and we are appealing for any information which might lead us to the person who did this or the dog's owner."

The dog had a white coat with patches of tan fur on its rump and tops of its ears.

He was not microchipped.

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