Margate Museum items 'damaged by damp and dust'

Items at Margate Museum have been damaged by thick dust and damp and some have gone missing, councillors have been told.

Tony Ovenden from Margate Historical Society raised his concerns at Thanet District Council on Tuesday.

He said there had been boxes everywhere at the museum and no managed system. He described it as appalling.

The hung council said the museum had faced serious issues, but repairs had been done and a new system brought in.

Points raised by Mr Ovenden also included missing receipts and unlisted and misidentified items.

'Full of stuff'

He said one example of missing artefacts was a smuggling album that had items removed with scissors.

"There were just paintings all in racks. There were boxes of stuff everywhere. There was no managed system. The cupboards were full of stuff. It was just appalling actually," he said.

"There were unlisted items in the collection. People were coming in asking about items which couldn't be found.

"There were missing items. Then suddenly they started getting prints and pictures returned to the museum from other locations that weren't even listed or in the collection."

Thanet council, which is under no overall control, said the museum was returned to council control in 2008, and there had been a number of serious issues to resolve.

In a statement, it said a new cataloguing system had been introduced, special collections had been well recorded, storage had been revamped and the building repaired.

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