University mumps vaccine outbreak advice

Students across north-west England have been advised to check their vaccination records after outbreaks of mumps at two universities.

The disease has affected 47 students at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and 35 at the University of Manchester since February.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has advised students to ask their GPs if they have had the full MMR vaccine.

It said some may have missed out on their second protective dose of MMR.

'Meningitis and deafness'

Dr Sam Ghebrehewet of the HPA said: "Mumps is an ever-present risk in universities and further education colleges.

"It is an infectious disease that spreads easily amongst young adults who missed out on the protection of two doses of MMR vaccine when they were children.

"Two doses of the MMR vaccine are necessary for full protection."

Mumps is a viral illness marked by symptoms of swollen neck glands, fever and headache. Its complications can result in meningitis and deafness.

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