Blackpool scrap metal thieves visited by police

Police cracking down on scrap metal thefts in Blackpool have visited 10 people who have been previously arrested over the offence.

It follows a rise in thefts in the town, with empty properties, homes, schools and churches being targeted.

Lancashire Police believe thieves are taking advantage of rising metal prices.

Officers have visited what they call their "top 10" offenders to let them know they are being closely watched.

Det Insp Becky Smith said: "Victims of scrap metal thefts usually not only have to foot the bill for replacing the stolen materials but also for making good the damage caused by thieves when they break into properties and rip out metal items.

"There are a number of criminals who we know have previously committed this sort of offence.

"We have contacted them to let them know that we will not tolerate people stealing scrap metal and that if we suspect they are reoffending then they will be targeted by us."

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