Burst water main disrupts Blackburn and Accrington supply

A burst pipe in Blackburn has affected water supplies for hundreds of homes, United Utilities (UU) has said.

A 36in (91cm) pipe burst at Martholme Grange, Burnley Road, on Tuesday night.

The pipe was shut off and tankers were brought in to compensate for the shortfall in water supplies for houses in Blackburn and Accrington.

It was originally feared that 10,000 homes could be affected by no water or low pressure, but UU said it had only received a few hundred calls so far.

A spokesperson for the company said: "At this stage we believe a few hundred of our customers may be suffering low water pressure, or even no water at all, and we are working hard to sort it out as quickly as we can.

"We now estimate that the number of properties affected by this incident is significantly less than originally feared."

The A678 was flooded when the pipe burst, but the road has since been cleared and there are no reports of any congestion.

The spokesperson added that the company was considering reinstating an alternative main in the area to provide water while the burst pipe is fixed.

The firm was not able to say how long the repairs would take.

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