Street reps neighbourhood project for Lancaster residents

A new project has been launched to improve relations between students and other residents in Lancashire.

The "street reps" scheme has been organised by students at the University of Cumbria's campus in Lancaster.

The aim is to try to lower crime rates, improve the general character of the area and improve relationships between neighbours.

Tom Underwood, from the students' union, said problems in the past had been due to a "lack of communication".

Working together

He said: "There have been a few ongoing issues, general things like noise complaints and car parking.

"We are targeting streets which have got high student and high local resident populations including Coulston Road, Primrose Street and Prospect Street."

The initiative encourages a student representative and a local resident representative from each street to become the main liaison point for street residents, working together to tackle any issues which may arise.

Mr Underwood said he hoped the scheme would also encourage more people to find out what was going on at the university.

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