Lancashire Police Authority agrees council tax precept rise

Lancashire Police Authority has voted to increase the force's share of the council tax by 2.5%.

Members approved the proposals by 16 votes to four at a meeting at County Hall in Preston.

They voted to reject a one-off government grant which is being offered to local authorities who freeze their council tax in the next financial year.

Members were concerned that there would be further financial problems after that.

Chief Constable of Lancashire, Steve Finnigan, said the decision was the right one to make.

The rise will mean an estimated increase of about £3 per year for residents.

Earlier this week, Mr Finnigan admitted £43m worth of budget cuts were hitting policing in the county.

Since April 2009, Lancashire Police has lost more than 600 police and office staff from its 6,000-strong workforce and must lose 200 more posts.

Mr Finnigan said the cuts would make it harder to keep the crime rates down.

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