Splashed walker attacks postman with rock in Pendle

A postman was hit on the head several times with a rock by a walker he splashed accidentally in Lancashire.

Lancashire Police said the postman had driven through a puddle as he was delivering to a farm in New Church, Pendle, at 12:10 GMT on Wednesday.

He was assaulted as he got out of his van by the walker, who also tried to gouge his eyes.

The victim, who was treated by paramedics and at Royal Blackburn Hospital, was not seriously injured.

Police said the victim had been able to grab the rock from his attacker, who went quiet and "calmly walked away".

'Isn't aware'

Det Sgt Nick Hodgson, of Burnley CID, said, "It is a minor miracle that the victim did not sustain more serious injuries as the level of violence used was that great.

"What we find interesting from speaking to the victim was that when he managed to grab the rock off the offender and started shouting at him, he went very quiet, almost child like, and calmly walks away."

He added: "It may well be that this offender has learning difficulties and perhaps isn't aware of exactly what has happened.

"Given this, I would also appeal to carers who perhaps look after people who they know like to walk in the area at around this time."

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