Rosie Cooper MP 'astonished' by Royal Mail delivery reply

A Royal Mail "collect it yourself" response to a complaint about delivery times in Ormskirk was "absolutely astonishing", a Lancashire MP said.

Rosie Cooper wrote to the Royal Mail about concerns a resident had about the time of day he was receiving his post.

The Labour MP for West Lancashire said the reply she received suggested a mail collection service was the only option.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said "they are unable to guarantee the exact time of delivery".

The letter from Moya Greene, Royal Mail chief executive, said Ormskirk delivery office had not gone through any recent operational change, but the management team "did revise their delivery methods some time ago".

Ms Greene said the changes introduced in Ormskirk as part of the Royal Mail's nationwide modernisation programme meant that some customers "experienced their mail being delivered at different times".

She said if was "imperative" the resident received his mail earlier, he had the option of setting up a mail collect service, allowing customers to "collect their own mail" free of charge.

Ms Cooper said: "In the 21st century, with the Royal Mail trying to compete with other private companies, then I think they need to be more responsive.

"I understand not everybody can get their mail very early in the morning, but businesses do rely on that mail getting in."

"I know the postmen do a grand job , but the way the system's organised has to be better in order for them to compete."

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