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Eight arrested in Leeds stolen property raids

Eight people have been arrested in police raids across Leeds aimed at hitting the city's stolen goods trade.

West Yorkshire Police raided addresses in Tingley, Beeston, Armley and Leeds city centre, targeting people suspected to be handling stolen property.

All three Leeds police divisions were involved in Operation Bullseye, together with Leeds City Council.

The raids were part of a £1.3m crackdown on the number of burglaries in Leeds over the next four years.

'Make it difficult'

Det Insp John Dexter, from West Yorkshire Police, said the aim was "to identify, to disrupt and to deter" people dealing in stolen goods.

"If there weren't the people prepared to accept and receive stolen property then there would not be the market and the drive to commit burglaries," he said.

"It is all about trying to close that market down and to make it more difficult for burglars to be able to get rid of stolen property."

Det Insp Dexter said Operation Bullseye was only possible due to leads received from local people who were not prepared to tolerate criminal activity.

"We very much rely on information coming from the local community," he said.

Stolen property, including a number of mobile phones, was recovered during the raids, along with quantities of drugs.

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