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Leeds day care users hit by big rise in costs

Colin Darnbrook
Image caption Colin Darnbrook faced an increase of more than 500% in his day care costs

The cost of adult social care in Leeds has dramatically increased as the authority faces cutbacks in its budget.

In one case a visit to a day centre which had cost a user £4.60 now comes with a charge of £29 - a 530% increase.

Leeds City Council said it faced tough decisions as social care consumed a significant amount of resources.

Colin Darnbrook, who used to visit a council-run day care centre said the rise from £4.60 per day to £29 had been too much for him to bear.

He said: "It's very, very sad that a price should be put up by such a huge amount.

"Although I like going to the day care centre, no thank you, no more."

In a document provided by Leeds City Council, the authority revealed the maximum amount for day care attendance and transport for "older people" would be set at £29.

Charges for users with learning or physical disabilities were set at £47 per day at day care centres.

Sandie Keene, who is responsible for adult social care at Leeds City Council said there was a difficult balance to strike in the provision of care across the city.

Ms Keene said: "Charges are means tested and so they are only given on people's ability to pay.

"Reviewing and considering charges is always a very emotive issue and very difficult.

"But we are trying to make sure that the provision of our services is as fair as possible for everyone."

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