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Dead dog found in dumped suitcase in Leeds

The suitcase containing the dead dog
Image caption The suitcase containing the dog was found on Back Rowland Terrace

A dead, emaciated dog has been found in a dumped suitcase in Leeds.

The RSPCA said the the dog, a Staffordshire bull-terrrier type, looked to have recently had puppies and was found in a "terrible state".

It was discovered on Back Rowland Terrace on Saturday where a member of the public had earlier that week seen a woman dump the suitcase.

The RSPCA said the cause of death was still unknown and appealed for the woman to get in touch.

Inspector Nikki Cheetham said the suitcase was royal blue with light blue panels and a silver badge on the front reading 'Travel Light'.

Inside the case was a distinctive towel.

The RSPCA said the dog had a large growth on her back left leg and was wearing a black leather collar.

Ms Cheetham said: "This dog was a in terrible state. She was emaciated with her ribs, spine and pelvis protruding.

"Though the cause of death is currently unknown, I am extremely concerned about what this dog has gone through before her death."

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