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Murder accused soldier 'caused no concern in Afghanistan'

A former soldier who fatally shot his landlady after returning from Afghanistan caused no concern during his tour of duty, a court heard.

Aaron Wilkinson, 24, is accused of murdering Judith Garnett, 52, by shooting her three times at their home in Alma Street, Woodlesford, Leeds.

His platoon commander said Mr Wilkinson had "fitted well within his platoon".

Mr Wilkinson denies murder but admits manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Capt Nick Morgan, of the Royal Welsh, told Bradford Crown Court about his platoon's tour of Afghanistan, which began in December 2009.

'Most serious incident'

Capt Morgan said his men, including Mr Wilkinson, were engaged in an intense two-day battle with the Taliban just 18 days after arriving in Afghanistan.

The officer told the court Mr Wilkinson had suffered a minor injury to the hip in that incident, which was the most serious incident of the unit's six-month tour.

Asked by Richard Mansell QC, prosecuting, whether Mr Wilkinson had acted out of character or caused any problems or concerns, the officer replied: "Not that I'm aware of."

Prosecutors have said they do not accept that Wilkinson's medical conditions affected his ability to exercise self-control.

They said they believe he was more likely to have been motivated by a fascination with guns and killing.

The court has heard Mr Wilkinson had been previously diagnosed with post-traumatic stress reaction by an Army doctor.

The case continues.

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