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Barnsley MP fears loss of 3 Yorks

A second MP who has served in the armed forces has said he fears the Yorkshire Regiment could lose a battalion in defence cuts.

Former Major Dan Jarvis, the Labour MP for Barnsley, said the government should announce its decision.

His comments come after Conservative MP Patrick Mercer said he understood the third battalion would go.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the MPs' comments were "speculation".

Defence officials said "no final decisions have been made".

'Moral courage'

Mr Jarvis said he had been contacted by serving soldiers, including those in Afghanistan, who were concerned about the future.

He told BBC News he feared Mr Mercer's information from a "well informed grapevine" inside the MoD was correct.

The Barnsley MP called on the government to have the "moral courage to get out there and let people know what the decision is".

Mr Jarvis, who served as a Major with the Parachute Regiment, said: "The right thing for the government to do now is get on an announce this decision.

"I think it is the wrong thing if they have got rid of one of the Yorkshire battalions - I'm afraid I think that they have.

"What they need to do now is have the moral courage to get out there and let people know what the decision is."

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