Police warning over laptop scams in Leicester

Police have warned people in Leicester not to buy laptops in the street after a recent scam.

Victims are shown laptops but after they handover money, they are given bags with bottles or cardboard in them.

A man was approached in Braunstone Gate on Friday by three men who asked if he wanted to buy a laptop.

The men snatched money out of his hand and threw him a bag containing bottles of water. A similar incident happened in the city on 8 September.

A 21-year-old man agreed to buy a sat-nav and a laptop from another man in Narborough Road on 8 September.

He handed over cash but was given a bag containing bottles of water.

Pc Simon Alborn said: "Obviously the victims have been left extremely shocked by these incidents.

"They put their trust into these people and believed they were purchasing the items in good faith."

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