Leicester school pays pupils £1 for SAT revision class

A primary school in Leicester is paying pupils to attend extra lessons to prepare for their scholastic achievement tests (SAT).

Year six pupils at Knighton Fields Primary each receive £1 for each 45-minute session that they attend.

National Union of Teachers spokesman Peter Flack said schools should concentrate on "creative" teaching.

Head teacher Peter Wood said the sessions "raise aspirations" and are "a reward for hard work".

More 'stimulation'

"We want to provide a simple incentive for children to come in, start their school day a bit earlier and benefit from an extra session in the classroom," he said.

"It's working so far in that over two-thirds of the our year six youngsters have attended the extra classes.

"The small amount of money we're offering is essentially a reward for the children's hard work and extra dedication."

Mr Flack said: "I don't have a problem with the idea of an incentive for children - even paying them a pound a time, but what I do object to is the idea that this is revision classes for a test.

"What this means is this is teaching for a test rather than children going into school for interesting things that will stimulate their learning.

"What they should do need is smaller class sizes to help raise standards - they do it in America and Australia and it works well."

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