Opponents to monitor Low Spinney wind farm impact

Protesters have said they will monitor the impact of Leicestershire's first commercial wind farm.

The four 410ft (125m) high turbines have already been built at Low Spinney, near Gilmorten, and will be switched on in the summer.

Opponents said they feared the noise of generators would disturb residents' sleep.

But the developer Broadview Energy said all the arguments had been examined during the planning process.

The facility is designed to provide power to about 5,000 homes.

'Health problems'

Tony Leatham, from Against Wind Farm At Low Spinney Group, said the turbines had turned the area into "an industrial landscape".

He added: "We are pretty convinced, and we have medical experts within the group who tell us this, that when they are turned on they will be extremely noisy, particularly at night.

"As a consequence the community will be suffering sleep deprivation and attendant health problems associated with that."

But the managing director of Broadview Energy, Jeff Corrigan, said: "Concerns were raised when we began this project and a consultation and all have been thoroughly discussed.

"Opponents had an opportunity to air their concerns to the council and then to the planning inspector, who listened to them and experts on both sides, and decided their concerns were unfounded."

He also said the scheme had been backed by many residents and a fund had been set up by the company to support community projects.

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