Fosse residents warned over left-out bins

Residents in part of Leicester are being warned to move their bins off the pavement after rubbish collections or face a £110 fine.

Wardens in Fosse will be knocking on doors over the next three weeks to remind people about the problems left-out bins can cause.

Deputy mayor of Leicester Rory Palmer said the area had experienced a high number of bin fires.

The last bins-on-streets campaign saw 205 fixed penalty notices issued.

Mr Palmer said: "Lots of people are telling us this is a big problem. Left-out bins are a potential danger to others, and a blight on neighbourhoods.

"The wardens will be working their way around the worst-affected areas over the next few months to explain how serious this is and to ask for people's co-operation."

Residents have 21 days to bring in their bins or could face a fine of up to £110.

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