Four Leicester people treated after taking mephedrone

Four people were taken ill in Leicester at the weekend after taking the drug mephedrone, police said.

Three men and one woman were taken to the Leicester Royal Infirmary at about 0600 BST on Sunday after a night out in the city.

They had all taken mephedrone, also known as MCAT and meow meow, which became a class B drug in 2010.

All four have recovered despite one being very ill at the time. Police are investigating where the drug came from.

Pc Jon Webb from Leicestershire Police said: "This case highlights the danger of buying and using illegal drugs. You never know what you may be buying.

"Dealers will often add other substances to powdered drugs to increase their weight and bulk, and often sell tablets which are intended for a completely different use. You could end up buying and consuming dog worming tablets."

Anyone with information about the drugs is asked to contact police.

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