Loughborough travel survey to cut congestion

Residents of Leicestershire are to be encouraged to leave their cars at home as part of campaign to cut congestion.

The county council is to carry out a survey next month in the Outwoods Edge and Dishley areas of Loughborough into how householders travel to work.

At the same time people will be given information on alternatives such as cycling, walking and public transport.

Officials said fewer car journeys would help both the town and make residents healthier.

The council said the £90,000 project was expected to save more than £400,000 through fewer road delays, accidents and less pollution.

Lesley Pendleton, county council cabinet member for environment and transport, said: "By changing their travel habits people will not only save money on fuel, but will play their part in helping to improve air quality in the town.

"Also by cycling and walking for short journeys, there is the added bonus of getting fitter and healthier - for free."

A follow-up survey will take place later in the year to see what impact the scheme has had on residents' travel habits.

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