Leicester scam man CCTV released by trading standards

CCTV images of suspect (orange bag on head)
Image caption The CCTV shows the suspect with an orange bag on his head

CCTV images have been released of a man suspected of forcing a Leicester woman to hand over £250.

Two men knocked on the woman's door and pressured her into agreeing to garden work she did not need, Leicester Trading Standards said.

She was then driven to a cashpoint in Hamilton where they forced her to withdrew the money on 6 September.

She told investigators that she was first informed by the men that the work would cost only £110.

Orange bag

Trading Standards have released the CCTV footage of a person they want to speak to about the incident.

The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, told police that she was told the cost was £300, but her withdrawal limit was £250.

The man shown in the CCTV image was white, in his 30s, of thin build, with dark hair and wore a leather jacket.

It appears on the CCTV that he was wearing an orange plastic bag over his head.

Trading Standards manager Ron Ruddock said: "This incident has caused the victim a lot of stress… unfortunately this rogue tactic is one that is well known."

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