Leicester brothers jailed after dog feud ends in man's death

Dean and Wayne Stephens
Image caption On the day Mr Pedley died, the brothers had followed him and his wife home from the park

Two brothers have been jailed for waging a campaign of harassment against a man who died of a heart attack.

Dean and Wayne Stephens, of Tudor Road, Leicester, followed Roy Pedley, 62, home from the city's Rally Park after their dogs clashed in April.

Mr Pedley collapsed and died while trying to phone the police.

Dean Stephens, 42, was jailed for 27 months for harassment and Wayne Stephens, 41, was given a four-month sentence for threatening behaviour.

Leicester Crown Court heard it was the fourth time the elder brother had clashed with Mr Pedley since the first time the dogs fought in June 2010.

On the day Mr Pedley died, the brothers had followed him and his wife Bridget from the park to their home on Fosse Road North.

The court heard that Dean Stephens had threatened to punch Mrs Pedley in the face and throw the couple off a bridge.

'Absolutely gutted'

The two men pleaded guilty at court on Monday.

Evelyn Pedley, Mr Pedley's sister-in-law, said the family was "very disappointed" at the sentences and said they thought the brothers "got away very lightly".

"We are disgusted to be quite honest. We are absolutely gutted," she said.

Det Con Nick Evans, of Leicestershire Police, said: "It has been clear from what has been relayed throughout this investigation that it was all a case of bullying.

"Dean Stephens saw the Pedleys as being vulnerable and older and weaker than him. I think he enjoyed bullying and he got a sense of glee from the fact that he was persecuting two older people."

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