Drivers damage couple's Kilby home four times

A Leicestershire couple are calling for extra traffic calming measures after their house was damaged for a fourth time in a crash.

Michael and Rosemary Arrowsmith, who have lived in their Grade II listed Kilby home for more than 30 years, said more needed to be done to slow traffic.

The Arrowsmiths said the most recent repairs had cost them £40,000.

Greg Payne, from Leicestershire County Council, said a full site investigation would be carried out on Main Street.

The council installed ramraid bollards outside the couple's house five years ago but Mr Arrowsmith said it had not stopped the crashes.

"On Saturday [the latest incident], the car demolished the bollard, the car took off and hit the top of the window, slid down the frame and caused the whole thing to fall in," he said.

'Physical measures'

"We are taking another look at what can be done," said Mr Payne, the council's traffic safety manager.

"We will look at the original signage, look at the white lining and potentially look at putting in some physical measures such as road humps."

Mr Arrowsmith said enough was enough.

"The previous car that crashed into the house was uninsured and I had to fork out for that myself.

"They have got to try to slow the traffic down somehow."

Mrs Arrowsmith added: "I think they need humps coming down the hill before the bridge or a chicane to narrow the bridge so only one car at a time can get through.

"That would slow them up before the corner."

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