Leicester shopkeeper fights robber with wooden pole

A Leicester shopkeeper has described how he used a wooden pole to fight off a robber who fired a gun at him.

Kapil Vaghela and his fiancee were preparing to leave Kapz News and Booze, in Loughborough Road, when the raider went in and demanded cash.

Mr Vaghela said he had hit the masked man with the wooden pole as the gun, containing blanks, had been fired.

The attacker, who fled shortly before 18:00 BST on Wednesday, was filmed on a CCTV camera at the store.

Mr Vaghela said: "He ran straight up to the counter and said 'give me your money. This isn't a joke. I will shoot you'. He was swearing a lot as well.

"I didn't actually think of myself. My fiancee was just behind me and she's sweet and innocent."

'I'm dead'

Image caption Mr Vaghela said his fiancee had been standing behind him at the time

Mr Vaghela pressed the panic button and picked up the pole, which he usually uses to push the door shut.

"It was once I picked up the pole he took a shot at me," he said.

"I thought the first had missed and he was a bad shot.

"Straight away I thought, if it hits me I'm dead.

"The other two were so close to me that he couldn't have missed, so then I realised there wasn't something coming out of the gun hitting me."

The robber was filmed on the shop's CCTV system and Mr Vaghela hopes someone will recognise the man from his clothing or mannerisms.

Police believe the man ran away towards Thurcaston Road.

They have taken the shell casings for analysis.

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