Help for workers after Stride training collapse

Stride apprentice
Image caption Plans for a new company to take over some of Stride's training are being discussed

Plans to help more than 280 youngsters left without jobs and training courses after the collapse of a Leicester company are being discussed.

Stride taught bricklayers, car mechanics, beauticians and shop workers from across Leicestershire.

But the firm ceased trading after having its bank account frozen last week. The company said it owed £200,000 in unpaid taxes.

Thirty-three staff have been made redundant.

Managing director David Brazier said: "As far as Stride is concerned we've got to put it to bed - no use crying over spilt milk - but there is a future for training in our city."

He said Stride was looking to find positions with other firms for its apprentices, and plans for a new company to provide training courses were being discussed.