Facebook campaign finds kidney for Leicestershire boy after 10 year wait

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Media captionMatthew Pietrzyk had been on the donor waiting list since he was a baby

An 11-year-old boy's decade long wait for a kidney has ended with a match found on Facebook.

Matthew Pietrzyk has been on the donor waiting list since he was a baby having been born with a rare condition.

The kidney came from Edward Batch who heard about the Leicestershire youngster's plight following a social media campaign.

Mother Nicola said she thought he was the first UK child to have a kidney transplant arranged on social media.

Matthew, who named his new organ Eddie Junior, was diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome at five weeks old.

Image copyright Pietrzyk Family
Image caption Matthew Pietrzyk waited 10 years for a kidney until Edward Batch was found through a Facebook campaign

A year later, the kidney donated by his mother had to be removed because of complications but finally, after 10 years of searching and a social media campaign, a match was found.

"We feel like we need to keep pinching ourselves," his mother said.

"The odds [of finding a match] initially were three in 10,000 and then went to 650,000 to one. Only 1% of the population had a chance of being a match. So we are just in shock. We still can't quite believe it and Matthew is just so happy."

As the odds of finding a match for Matthew grew longer the Glenfield family launched a social media campaign.

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Image caption Matthew Pietrzyk needs dialysis and tablets to stay alive

Although admitting the global campaign was unlikely to be successful, they were approached by Mr Batch - who coincidentally lived a few miles from the Pietrzyks.

'Completely milking it'

After tests it was confirmed he was a match and, in July, the pair underwent surgery.

Mr Batch said: "I've got three children, if my children were ill I'd want someone to step up and help me so why wouldn't I step up and help somebody else?"

Mrs Pietrzyk said she believed her son could be the first child in the UK to receive a kidney found through social media.

"It's been a rocky couple of weeks and we've been told to expect a rocky six months. Transplant is the best possible thing for anybody waiting for a kidney. However it's not 'there you go, you're fixed, goodbye'. "It doesn't quite work that way but he's doing really well."

"He's named his kidney Eddie Junior and he wants two birthdays a year - he's completely milking it."

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