Lincoln County Hospital to move children's wards

Work is under way to move two children's wards at Lincoln County Hospital so that they are closer to the maternity block.

It is hoped the move will improve paediatric staff support offered to the young patients as well as better facilities for them.

The work, to move and re-name the wards, begins this weekend.

Hospital spokesman Terry Vine said they would be brighter and far more comfortable for children and families.

He said: "The new wards will have playrooms, be brighter and more spacious, and give parents more room to stay with their children at their bedside.

"In the new areas, the reception/nurses' station area is directly as people walk through the door, whereas before visitors would have to follow the signs to the middle of the wards."

This weekend Rushton Ward, for paediatric in-patients, will swap location with Panton, an elderly medical ward.

Rushton will change its name to Rainforest Ward, and Panton will change its name to Lancaster Ward.

Lincoln Ward (paediatric day surgery) will move into the old endoscopy unit outside the main theatres until work is complete in Clinic 10, where Lincoln Ward will move permanently in August.

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