Wragby monument vandalism prompts warning

Vandalism at Lincolnshire heritage site has prompted a warning from police that culprits could face prosecution.

Officers said they had received reports of teenagers digging up part of a medieval manor site in Wragby, apparently to build a skateboard ramp.

They emphasised the site is a protected scheduled monument and anyone who damages it in any way risks a fine.

Police in the area are taking part in a crackdown on heritage crime, including illegal metal detecting and vandalism.

'Value heritage'

Wragby Rout Yard is the remains of a medieval manor complex and features two moated islands with associated ditch enclosures.

Sgt Alasdair Booth said, "There may be young people living in the village who simply don't realise that they are doing anything wrong.

"These historical monuments are of national importance and must be protected for future generations to enjoy so we want to educate youngsters in the village, encourage them to value this significant heritage and understand that such damage won't be tolerated."

An appeal for witnesses has been made

Lincolnshire's Chief Constable, Richard Crompton, is the ACPO lead in heritage crime.

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