Complaints prompt A57 crossing change

Lincolnshire County County has spent £110,000 to improve a major road for a second time after several complaints.

A new crossing with width barriers was put in on the A57 at Odder in Lincolnshire in March.

Following concerns from drivers that the crossing was too difficult to drive through, Lincolnshire County Council has removed the barriers.

The county council's senior project leader Les Outram said changing the layout would cost £15,000 at most.

"It cost us £10-15,000 in terms of abortive costs but we tried to save £100,000 in the first instance and I think it was well worth the effort," said Mr Outram.

"It would have cost us about £95,000 to do this do this [new] option in the first place but we did all we could to have a cost-effective scheme we felt would work."

Improvements were made to the road after initial concerns about its safety and drivers overtaking.

'Near miss'

But local businessman Mick Rylatt, owner of Mick's A57 Cafe on Saxilby Road, said the safety improvements had not helped the road.

"In November, we had a meeting in the cafe with Mr Outram and said this was the wrong place to put a crossing but he totally disregarded it.

"People now use the slip road as an overtaking lane, I had a near miss last week," said Mr Rylatt.

Mr Outram added: "We did have some discussions with Mick in November and I would not say we disregarded his comments. We eventually disagreed... but you have to cross the road somewhere.

"One or two people found the road a challenge but hundreds of people managed to get through without any problems.

"The wider consensus was to re-look at the layout ."

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