Speeding drivers in Lincolnshire warned to follow law

Motorists in Lincolnshire have been warned that anyone refusing to identify a driver caught by a speed camera risks even tougher penalties.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) confirmed a steady rise in such cases meant about 1,000 had been investigated so far this year.

Motoring groups said some people believed they could not be forced to incriminate themselves.

But the partnership said not providing the information was itself an offence.

The editor of Parkers motoring magazine, Kieran Puffett, said the belief that speed camera fines could be avoided was widespread.

Company fined

"It has come from the European human rights [legislation] where basically there is a feeling if you admit it is you driving the car, that is somehow compromising your own human rights and is tantamount to a confession," he said.

"But you need to be aware that if you fail to provide the details of the driver you could be liable to another prosecution."

If a vehicle is caught speeding, the registered owner should be sent a Section 172 notice within 14 days requiring them to name the driver.

John Siddle, from the LRSP, said: "There is a growing percentage of people who feel they can avoid this by not naming the driver or hiding behind a company name.

"If you do this, the original speeding offence is not the issue, it is the 172 notice, which it is a legal requirement for you to fill it in."

One case saw two directors of a company each receiving a £525 fine, £200 costs, a £15 surcharge and six points on their licences - as well as an £800 fine for the company - after refusing to name the driver of one of their vehicles.

The LRSP is a multi-agency group, including police, fire service and NHS, designed to reduce the number of accidents and casualties on the county's roads.

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