Police condemn Lincoln cathedral climbers

Urban explorers' photo of Lincoln cathedral
Image caption The men's actions have been condemned by police as "totally irresponsible"

Police have condemned the actions of so-called "urban explorers" who claim to have climbed Lincoln cathedral.

The group has posted photos of themselves posing with statues 100ft (30m) high on the cathedral.

They claim to have made two trips to the landmark in August and said they also got inside the building.

Dick Holmes, from Lincolnshire Police, described their actions as "totally irresponsible".

The climbers have described climbing scaffolding on the building before entering the cathedral through a small door.

Mr Holmes said: "It's a stupid thing to do. If we catch them doing that they will inevitably be arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary.

"They risk injury or death and they put people at risk who may have to go up there and get them down if they fall and injure themselves."

The Dean of Lincoln, the Very Reverend Philip Buckler, said: "It is a shame that people feel they can trespass in a building like this when it is a building that's open to everyone to come and see.

"Many of the views that they had could have been achieved on one of our roof tours when we allow people to come and see these wonderful sights but with safety."

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