Winter salt supply for Lincolnshire roads arrives

Thousands of tonnes of salt from Egypt have arrived at Immingham Docks in North East Lincolnshire for use on the county's roads this winter.

The 20,000 tonnes of salt will more than double the county's stock levels to 42,000 tonnes.

County Councillor William Webb said bringing in the salt early in the year means lower prices and ensures the county is prepared for an early winter.

He said the salt is extremely fine so it cuts through ice more quickly.

"Quite simply, it's perfect to use on our roads and helps keep the county moving in freezing condition," he said.

The last two winters have seen 29,000 and 32,000 tonnes of salt used in the county, compared to a more typical 18,000 tonnes.

The county council has 43 gritters which treat 3,082km (1,915 mi) of roads - a distance from here to Cairo - in less than four hours when the temperature drops to 1C.

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