Truck with toxic chemicals stolen in Lincolnshire

A vehicle carrying toxic chemicals has been stolen from a Lincolnshire poultry farm.

The white Ford Transit pick-up truck was taken from a farmyard on Spalford Road in North Scarle at about about 14:10 GMT on Friday.

The chemicals are used to clean and fumigate empty chicken sheds.

Lincolnshire Police said they could be dangerous or even fatal if they got into the hands of vulnerable members of the public.

They could also be a hazard to the environment and wildlife if they are not disposed of in the correct manner, police said.

The chemicals include 20 litres of Virofog disinfectant, which contains formaldehyde, and 80 litres of Vira Shield, which contains Glutaraldehyde and Benzalkonium chloride.

Anyone who has seen the vehicle, registration number MV61LXE, should contact Lincolnshire Police.

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