Stapleford Woods cleared to tackle 'dogging'

A Lincolnshire beauty spot is being cleared of undergrowth after residents complained it was being used for sex.

People said the "dogging" at Stapleford Woods, south of Lincoln, was forcing ramblers and families to avoid the area.

Lincolnshire Police said it had increased patrols of the site after the complaints.

Council officials are carrying out a day of action at the site and ex-offenders are clearing up.

Jenny Milan, from Stapleford Parish Meeting, said something needed to be done.

"I've been down there two or three times and it's really not very nice.

"Our village is a beautiful village and we don't want to accept this behaviour," she said.

'Feel safe'

Councillor Richard Wright, from North Kevesten District Council, said the authority would continue to work to stop the issues.

"We're going to be working with the Forestry Commission to clear litter and clear some of the vegetation to give a better view into the woods.

"This is the first day of three that the community payback teams will be there but in the long term we are looking at this as a multi-agency operation," he said.

Insp Mick Jones, from Lincolnshire Police, said it was important to make the public feel safe walking in the woods.

"We need to cut down the anti-social behaviour and cut down the fly-tipping," he said.

"Everybody has got it marked up as an area to patrol. Officers will be patrolling the area, periodically, every day."

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