Pregnant ewe found 'barbarically butchered' in Spalding field

Police are trying to trace whoever was responsible for "barbarically" butchering a pet pedigree sheep in a Lincolnshire field.

Sometime overnight on Saturday, a black, pregnant Hebridean sheep was butchered in a field near the A16 bypass in Spalding.

Sgt Stuart Brotherton, of Lincolnshire Police, said all that was left of the sheep was its guts and hooves.

Anyone who saw anything suspicious is asked to contact police.

'Contaminated meat'

"I have done this job for 29 years and have worked in rural areas," said Sgt Brotherton.

"I have come across sheep-worrying or sheep being attacked by other animals but I have never come across anything as barbaric, done by humans in this way."

"It is fair to say that whoever did this, would have some knowledge of what they were doing."

Sgt Brotherton said one line of investigation was that the animal, part of a group of 20 kept as pets, was killed for meat but warned it was not fit for human consumption.

"Because the sheep was in lamb, it had recently had an injection which means the chemicals would remain in the animal's system for some time."

He added there would have been some waste from the sheep, including its fleece, and urged anyone who came across anything unusual to contact police.

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