Labour holds control of City of Lincoln Council

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Media captionLincoln's Labour leader claimed the unpopularity of the coalition government had helped his party

Labour has held control of the City of Lincoln Council, gaining seven seats in the process.

The Conservative Party lost six seats and the Liberal Democrats lost one, meaning the party no longer has any seats on the council.

A total of 11 seats were contested, which represents one third of the places on the authority.

Labour now has 17 seats, the Conservatives have eight seats and one seat was won by an independent.

Third place for UKIP

BBC Lincolnshire political reporter Sharon Edwards said the turnout of 26.81% was a historic low for Lincoln.

Among the Conservative casualties was group deputy leader Marc Jones, who lost in Bracebridge.

"Those votes have gone to UKIP as a temporary protest vote while people are saying we don't want a coalition government, we want a Conservative government - bring us some proper Conservative policies, that's what we voted for, that's what we want," said Mr Jones.

The breakdown of total votes cast was: Labour 8,823, Conservatives 5,618, UKIP 134, Lib Dem 1,197, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 423 and BNP 49.

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