Lincoln Ritzy death: Shane Pueschel died from heart condition

Ritzy Nightclub
Image caption Mr Pueschel collapsed at the club after drinking vodka and Red Bull

An inquest has heard a Lincoln student died from a heart disorder after collapsing at a city nightclub.

Shane Pueschel, 18, was with a group of friends in the Ritzy Nightclub on Silver Street, in January 2012, when he collapsed.

Dr Mary Sheppard, a consultant from Royal Brompton Hospital, told the inquest his death was an "absolutely classic case of sudden cardiac arrest."

The coroner, Richard Marshall, recorded a narrative verdict.

Mr Peuschel was first diagnosed with a heart complaint at the age of 11 and had been referred for an MRI scan following a routine scan just a month before his death, the Spilsby inquest was told.

However, the inquest also heard there were delays in Mr Peuschel receiving treatment.

Head doorman Mark West, who was the first official first aider on the scene, told the inquest he did not know Mr Pueschel had stopped breathing and chose to eject one of his friends for being "aggressive", despite being urged to call an ambulance.

Mr West said he immediately began CPR with his colleague David Ridley when he returned to Mr Pueschel at 02:32 GMT after ejecting the friend.

They were joined by a street warden with a defibrillator but the East Midlands Ambulance Service did not receive a 999 call from any member of staff at the club until 20 minutes after the first-year student collapsed.

Mr Pueschel, who lived on Newland Street West, Lincoln, was taken to Lincoln County Hospital where he remained in intensive care until his death on 26 January last year.

He was described as a shy student who did not normally drink but had been bought four vodka and Red Bulls in the club by a friend.

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