CCTV to combat Lincolnshire's illegal school run parking

yellow zigzag lines
Image caption Lincolnshire County Council has approved plans to spend nearly £70,000 on the trial

Mobile CCTV cameras are to be deployed outside eight Lincolnshire schools to stop parents parking illegally.

The county council said the aim was to improve the safety of children, "school crossing patrol personnel" and improve the flow of traffic.

The authority has pledged £35,000 to improve markings outside the schools and £33,000 to fund the cameras.

The CCTV will provide evidence for enforcement proceedings and start in January 2017.

The eight schools included the trial are: William Alvey Primary, in Sleaford; Westfield School and Bourne Grammar, in Bourne; St Thomas' School and Boston West Academy, in Boston; National Junior School, in Grantham; and St Francis Hill School and The Priory Whitham Academy, in Lincoln.

The council said: "The enforcement of the school zigzags will help to deter drivers from parking in an area that jeopardises the safety of children and school crossing patrol personnel."

It said previous ways of policing parking outside schools did not always provide conclusive evidence whereas CCTV footage would be "sufficiently robust".

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