Priority Seating Cards: Standing up for your rights

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First Capital Connect (FCC) have launched a Priority Seating Card for passengers who may have trouble standing on trains, such as the elderly or pregnant women.

Most trains, including those run by FCC, already have designated seats that people are supposed to vacate and offer to, for example, another passenger carrying a young child, or to a passenger on crutches.

Is this new card an admission that the convention doesn't work and that people need to be empowered with an official piece of laminated plastic?

FCC's Customer Service Director Michelle Smart said:

"We know that someone's need for a seat is not always obvious and not everyone feels happy about explaining why they need to sit down.

"Our new cards make that request for a priority seat that much easier and, for some, less embarrassing. They will be a real benefit to people in genuine need."

People can apply for a Priority Seating Card via the First Capital Connect website.

It is also worth noting that you don't need to actually have one of these priority cards in order to ask for a designated priority seat.

So, is this a good idea? Will people use it?

Also, isn't this a reflection on selfish travellers who are reluctant to give up their seats for those in need?