Timeline: Crimes of Kuba Dlugosz

A man convicted of killing an 83-year-old woman in a robbery at her north London home had carried out crimes in his native Poland, as well as in the UK.

Police believe Kuba Dlugosz, 33, was involved in three attempted burglaries in the month leading up to Eveline Kelmenson's death in Leweston Place, Stamford Hill.

Dlugosz, of no fixed address, bound and gagged Miss Kelmenson and left her to freeze to death.

He was found guilty of manslaughter.

A European arrest warrant against Dlugosz was missed by the Metropolitan Police, which arrested him in connection with two attempted burglaries, days before the fatal robbery.

Dlugosz's criminal career goes back more than 10 years.

28 March 2000

A caretaker at a primary school in Bialystok in Poland is hit over the head by Kuba Dlugosz and an accomplice.

His hands are tied behind his back with cable while radio equipment, computer components, transport tickets and cash are taken.

6 April 2000

Kuba Dlugosz and two others break into Vocational School Complex No 5 in Bialystok wearing balaclavas. They tie the hands of a female caretaker behind her and put tape over her mouth.

21 November 2000

Kuba Dlugosz is convicted for both of the school robberies.


Kuba Dlugosz escapes while on day release from a prison in Poland and travels to England.

June 2008

The Polish authorities issue an European arrest warrant for Dlugosz.

22 October 2008

Dlugosz carries out a burglary at Sharon's Bakery in Stamford Hill, close to Leweston Place, where Miss Kelmenson lived.

Dlugosz rips his rubber glove while forcing his way in and scientists discover his DNA. But he is not identified at the time.

9 November 2008

Dlugosz is arrested on suspicion of being involved in attempt to burgle premises in Eastern Avenue, Ilford.

The occupier of the property was an elderly woman. He pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

13 November 2008

Dlugosz and another man force a plywood panel to a door in Vartry Road which was less than a mile from where Kelmenson lived.

Dlugosz is in possession of rubber gloves and has a torch.

He is arrested but the case is not taken further.

27 November 2008

Dlugosz breaks into Eveline Kelmenson's house in Stamford Hill.

She is left bound and gagged, and she is robbed of her gold necklace and her mother's wedding ring.

Miss Kelmenson's body is found five weeks later by relatives.

27 July 2010

Dlugosz is arrested and interviewed over the robbery.

23 June 2011

Dlugosz is convicted of manslaughter. He is remanded in custody until sentencing on 22 July.

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