London's transport future? 'Docking' tram idea unveiled

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Image caption The idea suggests trams will 'dock' with trains

Trams are emerging on London's political agenda again with the Labour mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone talking about a network of trams linking north London suburbs.

But what about this for an idea that is way out there; trams which 'dock' with high speed trains while they're moving, reducing the number of stations required.

Yes, it's very Star Trek, and one heck of a big idea, but it's emerged from design agency priestmangoode.

This is how the agency describes it:

"Moving Platforms is a completely inter-connected rail infrastructure where local trams connect to a network of non-stop high speed trains enabling passengers to travel from their local stop to a local address at their destination (even in another country) without getting off a train."

Anyway, check out the agency's video.