District Line problems illustrate the antique Tube

As many commuters will be aware, there were lots of problems this morning on the District Line due to a signal failure at Earl's Court.

Signal failure is actually a generic term that London Underground use and could mean many things technically.

I've dug into our archive and thought it was worth posting the footage above from the signal box at Edgware Road. The signal box dates from the 1920s. Spare parts have to be made by hand.

The clip also includes some footage filmed below the service centre at Earl's Court. They use 1960s technology and deploy fans to cool the circuits.

It makes you realise how antiquated the Tube is in some places and the appalling lack of investment there has been over the last 40 years.

I'm afraid though we will be stuck with this old equipment for some time yet.

The District Line upgrade should be complete in 2016.