Transport could make or break the London 2012 Olympics

Here is a specially extended TV piece I have made on transport and how it is shaping up for next summer and the Olympics.

Transport for London has to achieve a 30% drop in "background" commuters to make room for Olympic visitors - and that is a considerable challenge.

They are working with businesses at the moment, trying to get them to encourage employees to work from home.

A campaign will also start in the New Year aimed at persuading commuters to change their travel plans.

As I've written about before, there are also serious concerns about the "Games Lanes" and what they will mean for the roads.

Businesses I have spoken to say they still have not received enough information on what the road restrictions will mean for them.

However, TfL do have a reputation for delivering on big events - so might things be OK after all?

Do you think the transport network will cope next summer?

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