Mark Duggan death: Timeline of events

The shooting of Mark Duggan by police in Tottenham, north London, sparked a wave of violence across London and other English cities. An inquest jury said by a majority of 8 to 2 that Mr Duggan was lawfully killed by police.

Here is a timeline of the events that followed Mr Duggan's death.

Thursday 4 August 2011

Mark Duggan Mark Duggan died after being shot in Tottenham but the circumstances of the killing remain unclear

Mark Duggan, 29, is shot dead by police in Ferry Lane, Tottenham, at 18:15 BST.

The death happens during an operation where specialist firearm officers and officers from Operation Trident, the unit which deals with gun crime in the African and Caribbean communities, are attempting to carry out an arrest.

Mr Duggan is a passenger in a minicab. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announces it will investigate the incident and later says it believes two shots were fired by police. It also confirms that an illegal firearm was recovered from the scene.

Cab passenger shot dead in police operation

Friday 5 August 2011

The IPCC appeals for witnesses to the shooting.

Saturday 6 August 2011

About 300 people gather outside Tottenham police station after marching from the Broadwater Farm estate. They say they want "justice" for Mr Duggan and his family.

Riot police in front of burning building The rioting erupted following a peaceful protest

Witnesses report that the protest begins peacefully.

The violence begins as bottles are thrown at two patrol cars which are then set alight.

Unconfirmed reports say the incident was sparked by a confrontation between a teenage protester and a police officer.

Riot officers and police on horseback are deployed to disperse the crowds but come under attack from bottles, fireworks and other missiles.

Sunday 7 August 2011

The violence continues. Petrol bombs are thrown at police and buildings, while shops are set alight.

The London Fire Brigade says it has dealt with 49 fires in the Tottenham area by 04:30 BST and received more than 250 emergency calls from the public.

Police announce the launch of Operation Withern to investigate the riots.

Mr Duggan's family say they do not condone the rioting in Tottenham.

IPCC commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne says she is sorry if any members of Mr Duggan's family feel that they are not supported. She announces that she has set up a community reference group to make sure she is sensitive and responsive to the family.

Monday 8 August 2011

Fire at furniture store in Croydon Reeve's Corner was destroyed as buildings and cars were set alight on the third night of violence

Claudia Webbe, who chairs Operation Trident's independent advisory group, questions why Mr Duggan's family had not been contacted sooner by the IPCC.

Rioting and looting continues for the third night in London affecting Croydon, Clapham, Hackney, Camden, Lewisham, Peckham, Newham, East Ham, Enfield, Woolwich, Ealing and Colliers Wood.

During the evening the riots claim two lives.

Trevor Ellis, 26, of Brixton Hill, south London, is found with bullet wounds in a car in Croydon, while Richard Bowes, 68, is critically injured when he tries to put out a fire during riots in London.

He later dies from his injuries.

Unrest spreads to other English cities, with Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol also experiencing violence.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

The IPCC reveals that there is no evidence Mr Duggan opened fire at police before being shot dead by a firearms officer.

The police watchdog says ballistic tests showed "no evidence that the handgun found at the scene was fired".

Rachel Cerfontyne, IPCC commissioner: "The gun found at the scene was a converted... pistol"

MPs are recalled from their summer holidays in the wake of continued disorder across London and other English cities.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

(From left) Haroon Jahan, Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir Haroon Jahan, Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir died when they were hit by a car during the disorder

Haroon Jahan, 21, Shazad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31, are killed when a car hits them in Winson Green, Birmingham.

Witnesses say the men were in a group protecting their community after riot police were called into the city.

Thursday 11 August 2011

The police watchdog appeals for witnesses to the fatal shooting of Mr Duggan.

Former Met deputy assistant commissioner Brian Paddick says the force could have stopped further rioting if it had responded properly to initial disturbances in Tottenham.

Friday 12 August 2011

The IPCC admits it may have misled journalists into believing Mr Duggan fired at officers before he was killed.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Ken Hinds, a local gang mediator and family friend of Mr Duggan's girlfriend Simone Wilson, reveals he warned police explicitly about the risk of rioting at a meeting with them at lunchtime on Saturday, 6 August.

Thursday 8 September 2011

Mark Duggan's brother Shaun Hall said he had been "wrongfully taken from us"

Mr Duggan's family say they have "no faith" in the IPCC investigation into his death.

His brother, Shaun Hall, adds: "I'm not confident at all. If the initial stages of this incident are anything to go by, I've got no trust in them whatsoever."

Friday 9 September 2011

A private funeral for Mr Duggan is held with a reception at the Broadwater Farm Community Centre.

5 October 2011

Mr Duggan's family say they will give the IPCC a chance to get the inquiry into his death "right".

25 October 2011

Mr Duggan was not "bad enough or mad enough" to draw a gun on police officers, a friend says.

The man whose shooting sparked the London riots was "not bad enough or mad enough" to draw a gun on police officers, a friend has said

Stafford Scott was among the activists who took part in the original march.

18 November 2011

The IPCC says it is to probe whether a gun recovered from the scene was used in a crime a week earlier.

Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, 29, is charged with possession of a firearm after allegedly assaulting a man in a hair salon in Hackney on 29 July.

19 December 2011

The policing operation to tackle the summer riots across England was flawed, a report from MPs concludes.

The perception that in some areas police had lost control of the streets was the most important reason disorder spread, they say.

29 February 2012

The IPCC upholds a complaint by Mr Duggan's family that they were not told he had been shot dead by officers.

Scotland Yard said it had apologised in September to Mr Duggan's parents for not telling them directly about his death.

IPCC Commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne: "What is clear from this case is that a grieving family, suffering from shock, felt badly treated"

27 March 2012

A lack of support and opportunity for young people contributed to the outbreak of riots in England last summer, an independent report says.

The Riots, Communities and Victims Panel, set up last year, highlights "500,000 forgotten families".

29 March 2012

Carole Duggan: I'd prefer to know the truth

The Met supports calls for changes to the law to allow more details to be revealed in cases where the police have shot people.

Mr Duggan's aunt Carole said she wanted an inquest to be held as she "preferred to know the truth - whether it is good or bad".

26 April 2012

The BBC obtains footage of the aftermath of the police shooting.

Exclusive footage obtained by the BBC shows the aftermath of Mark Duggan's shooting

It was taken by someone who says they witnessed the shooting and shows attempts to save Mr Duggan's life.

4 August 2012

Pam Duggan: This family doesn't believe in violence

Mr Duggan's mother Pam says the year since her son's death had "been terrible - we still have no answers about why my son died".

She said: "The police haven't told me anything. They apologised for not coming to tell me, not for what they did."

6 August 2012

BBC's Mike Sergeant returns to Tottenham a year after the riots to see how the re-development work was getting on

Prison sentences totalling more than 1,800 years have been handed out to rioters following the disorder which began exactly a year ago.

18 September 2012 - 17 October 2012

The trial of Hutchinson-Foster, accused of giving Mr Duggan the gun, is held at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

The court hears he gave Mr Duggan the gun 15 minutes before he was shot.

Kevin Hutchinson-Foster Kevin Hutchinson-Foster was on trial for giving Mark Duggan a gun

Mr Duggan "pulled a gun from his waistband", the court hears, and Mr Duggan and Hutchinson-Foster were in contact via mobile phone calls and text messages minutes before he was shot.

The police officer who shot Mr Duggan, V53, says he is "absolutely 100%" sure he was holding a gun.

After a month-long trial, the jury is unable to reach a verdict.

28 January 2013

A date for the public inquest is set for September.

The pre-inquest hearing is told a judge will act as coroner because sensitive material is involved in the case.

31 January 2013

A jury in a retrial finds Hutchinson-Foster guilty of supplying the gun - a BBM Bruni Model 92 handgun - to Mr Duggan.

26 February 2013

Kevin Hutchinson-Foster has been jailed for 11 years

Thirty-year-old Hutchinson-Foster is jailed for 11 years.

Judge David Radford says Hutchinson-Foster had "plainly known" the gun would be used for criminal purposes by Mr Duggan or somebody else.

18 June 2013

Mr Duggan's family have an application for a judicial review into police protocol rejected.

They wanted procedures, designed to protect officers collaborating on incident reports, looked at but the High Court ruled it was not appropriate for the court to prescribe such rules.

16 September 2013 - 11 December 2013

The inquest into Mr Duggan's death begins.

Jurors are told they must decide on whether he was lawfully killed.

The BBC's Mark Prodger was in court as Pamela Duggan said: "He should have been brought to justice and punished, he should not have been shot and killed"

Over the next few months, the jury hears Mr Duggan was "among Europe's most violent criminals". However, his mother says her son "may not have been an angel" but he should not have been shot dead by police.

A firearms commander says it is "absolutely outrageous" to suggest he planted a gun found nearby while the police officer who fired the shots says he saw him holding the handgun and believed he was going to shoot.

Speaking via videolink from prison, Hutchinson-Foster tells the inquest he will appeal against his conviction once the inquest is completed.

The court is also told Mr Duggan may have "flicked the gun" over the fence while a witness says they saw an officer run "from the scene with an object" and a different witness says Mr Duggan "was surrendering" and holding a phone when he was shot.

11 December 2013 - 7 January 2014

On 11 December 2013, the jury retires to consider its verdict, being told it must reach a unanimous conclusion. On 18 December, the jury is by told by the judge that a majority conclusion will now be acceptable.

Judge Keith Cutler says the law "allows me to accept a majority decision on any of the determinations or the conclusion of which at least eight out of the 10 of you are agreed".

8 January 2014

The inquest jury concludes by a majority of 8 to 2 that Mr Duggan was lawfully killed by police.

The panel of seven women and three men was asked to answer five questions:

  • In the period between midday on 3 August 2011 and when state amber was called at 6.00 pm on 4 August 2011, did the Metropolitan Police Service and the Serious Organised Crime Agency do the best they realistically could have done to gather and react to intelligence about the possibility of Mr Duggan collecting a gun from Mr Hutchinson-Foster? The jury unanimously concluded no.
  • Was the stop conducted in a location and in a way which minimised, to the greatest extent possible, recourse to lethal force? Unanimous yes.
  • Did Mr Duggan have the gun with him in the taxi immediately before the stop? Unanimous yes
  • How did the gun get to the grass area where it was later found? A majority of 9 to 1 said it was thrown.
  • When Mr Duggan received a fatal shot, did he have the gun in his hand? A majority of 8 to 2 said no, he did not have a gun in his hand.

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    17:07: Man sentenced for doctor CV changes

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    Etherson had been drawn into a "culture of deceit" at Midas Medical Recruitment in Chiswick, where he worked from May 2009 until his arrest in April 2010.

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    The headlines this hour include:

    • The BBC has learnt the identity of the masked British militant known as "Jihadi John", who has been pictured in Islamic State videos showing the beheadings of Western hostages.
    • A report into Jimmy Savile's abuse of patients, visitors and staff at Stoke Mandeville hospital has found there were more than 60 victims over a period spanning two decades but only one formal complaint was ever made.
    • It's also likely that Savile's older brother Johnny molested and possibly raped women at Springfield Hospital in Tooting, while he was working there in the 1970s.
    16:52: 'Not to do with Mozart Estate community' Ham and High Newspaper

    reports 27-year-old Mohammed Emwazi lived on the Mozart Estate and may have attended Quinton Kynaston school in St John's Wood.

    It quotes Westminster councillor Paul Dimoldenberg as saying: "The atrocities it is alleged that he is responsible for are an absolute disgrace but it's nothing to do with the family or the rest of the community in the Mozart Estate.

    "I hope that the understandable press interest subsides over the coming days so that the community can get back to normal life."

    16:40: 'Who is Muhammad?' event postponed

    The University of Westminster tweets: Tonight's Student's Union event, 'Who is Muhammad?' has been postponed due to increased sensitivity and security concerns.

    University tweet
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    The container ship in Germany
    16:23: Sotloff family response Jon Sopel North America editor

    tweets: Sotloff family spox [spokesman] on naming of #JihadiJohn. "we want to sit in a courtroom, watch him sentenced and see him sent to a supermax prison"

    16:17: Emwazi 'journey'

    CAGE says it "supports victims impacted by the war on terror to access due process".

    The group called a press conference to "release an account of the journey of Mohammed Emwazi". There is more information and a case profile on its website.

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    The headlines this hour include:

    • A human rights pressure group has claimed that Londoner Mohammed Emwazi who's been seen in a number of Islamic State videos showing the beheading of hostages was radicalised as a result of rough treatment by the British security services.
    • It's also likely that Savile's older brother Johnny molested and possibly raped women at Springfield Hospital in Tooting, while he was working there in the 1970s.
    15:55: 'Security services played role' BBC News Channel

    Asim Qureshi says CAGE was last in contact with Mohammed Emwazi in January 2012. He blames the security services for harassing him and making him want to flee saying they created "an environment where he had no ability to be able to feel he totally belonged".

    15:46: Failing over rape allegation

    Lawyers representing a woman whose allegation of rape against Jimmy Savile's brother, Johnny, was allegedly ignored for more than 20 years have said they are determined to help her gain justice after a new report confirmed her claims were not acted upon on numerous occasions.

    The report from the inquiry, published today, which refers to the woman as V2, concluded it is likely an assault occurred in 1979, and that the hospital trust failed to take an opportunity to investigate the allegation in 2006.

    15:37: Emwazi 'nice young man' BBC News Channel

    Campaign group CAGE is holding a press conference about Mohammed Emwazi.

    Research director Asim Qureshi (pictured) became emotional saying: "He was a beautiful young man. It's hard to imagine the trajectory."

    Asim Qureshi
    15:25: 'Jihadi John' university 'shocked'

    On the IS militant identified today, a spokesperson for the University of Westminster has said: "A Mohammed Emwazi left the university six years ago. If these allegations are true, we are shocked and sickened by the news. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families."

    15:14: Savile's abuser brother

    Here's a picture of Johnny Savile, older brother of Jimmy, who has been accused of sexual assaults on seven women at Springfield Hospital in Tooting in the late 1970s.

    Johnny Savile
    15:00: News on the hour Will Shindler BBC London 94.9

    The headlines this hour include:

    • A masked man known as "Jihadi John" who was seen wielding a knife in videos of beheadings released by Islamic State has been identified.
    • Fifteen reports into Jimmy Savile's behaviour at hospitals have revealed the scale of his abuse of vulnerable people. Over half a century, he assaulted 177 victims, the youngest of whom was five.
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    A masked man known as "Jihadi John" - who was seen wielding a knife in videos of beheadings released by Islamic State - has been identified.

    13:44: Johnny Savile victim met him at badminton

    One of Johnny Savile's alleged victims told investigators she was sexually assaulted and raped on a couch in his office when she was an outpatient at Springfield Hospital in 1979. She said she first met Savile, who was employed as recreation officer, when she was taken to play badminton as an inpatient.

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    The description on the video claims the incident took place at the ground in south east London, with the pair having broken into the stadium at night.

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    The central Croydon loop will not be in operation between East Croydon and Reeves Corner from 28 March to 13 April - a period of 17 days.

    13:08: Watch: Officers overstretched Nick Beake Home Affairs Correspondent, BBC News

    An internal Metropolitan Police report seen by BBC London has revealed local officers are overstretched and less visible.

    12:58: News on the hour Will Shindler BBC London 94.9

    The headlines this hour include:

    • The BBC learned the man known as Jihadi John, who's thought to have beheaded several western hostages on behalf of Islamic State, has been identified.
    • A report into Jimmy Savile's abuse of patients, visitors and staff at Stoke Mandeville hospital has found there were 60 victims over a period spanning two decades - but only one formal complaint was ever made.
    12:51: Johnny Savile the DJ

    Johnny Savile, older brother of Jimmy (pictured), has today had allegations of rape and sexual abuse published about him. He was also a DJ.

    Jimmy Savile

    The report by South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust says Johnny Savile contributed to the Springfield Hospital radio in the late 1970s and ran his own disco business.

    The relevant safeguarding authority has been notified about a disco he ran at a girls' school on 25 June 1979, it says.

    12:41: TfL transparency

    Transport for London (TfL) is seeking the public's views on the usefulness of the information it discloses including fares, financial and operational performance, customer satisfaction and journey patterns. You can contribute until 8 March.

    12:30: Watch: 'Jihadi John'

    Lucy Manning reports on the man the BBC understands is 'Jihadi John'.

    12:20: Quids in
    Bank of England

    On this day in 1797 £1 notes were first issued by the Bank of England.

    12:10: Johnny Savile abuse

    Today's report says:

    • Female patients allowed Johnny Savile to touch them to "stay in his good books"
    • He would expose himself to them
    • A victim said he "used his brother's fame" and thought he could go where he liked in the hospital
    • It's believed he was dismissed in 1980 after a patient he molested complained
    • There's no evidence the police were informed of the allegation
    12:00: News on the hour BBC London 94.9 Radio

    The headlines this hour include:

    • The BBC learned the man known as Jihadi John, who's thought to have beheaded several western hostages on behalf of Islamic State, has been identified.
    • The chair of the trust that runs Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire has apologised after a report found Jimmy Savile abused more than 60 women and girls there.
    11:50: Key points on Johnny Savile

    The report into Johnny Savile's abuse at Springfield Hospital says:

    • Jimmy Savile's older brother Johnny died in 1998
    • He worked as a recreation officer at Springfield Hospital in the late 1970s
    • Since 2013 there have been seven allegations of sexual assault between 1978 and 1980
    • Five were made by patients, one a visitor and one a member of staff
    • He had association with Richmond Royal Hospital in the 1980s where his wife worked
    11:40: Watch again BBC iPlayer

    In the final episode of documentary series Inside the Commons, Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park & North Kingston, tries to give voters the power to sack their MPs. It's available for six days.

    Zac Goldsmith
    11:28: Johnny Savile abuse

    Following the report into abuse by Johnny Savile, Jimmy's brother, at Springfield Hospital, David Bradley, chief executive of South West London and St. George's Mental Health NHS Trust said: "The investigation's findings of the suffering the victims experienced, and the lack of support they received, is very disturbing to read about today given our much greater awareness of the sexual exploitation and abuse of vulnerable people.

    "The abuse these patients were subject to, and the conditions described at Springfield Hospital in 1979 were wholly unacceptable."

    Springfield Hospital
    11:21: 'Sad day for NHS'

    Following the release of the report into Jimmy Savile's abuse at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, a south-west London hospital trust chief has called it a "sad day in the history of the NHS".

    There is no evidence Jimmy Savile visited Springfield Hospital in Tooting, David Bradley said, but his brother Johnny Savile, who worked there in the 1970s, was dismissed in 1980 after an allegation of abuse.

    11:09: Jihadi John identity

    Scotland Yard has just released a statement saying it is not going to confirm the identity of anyone at this stage or give an update on the progress of the live counter - terrorism investigation.

    Still from video showing "Jihadi John", who the British authorities have identified as  Mohammed Emwazi from London

    The BBC understand 'Jihadi John' is Mohammed Emwazi from west London.

    11:01: News on the hour

    The headlines this hour include:

    • The BBC understands the man known as "Jihadi John" is in fact called Mohammed Emwazi
    • A report published this morning has described Jimmy Savile as an "opportunistic predator"
    10:55: 'Jihadi John' BREAKING NEWS

    BBC News understands the man known as "Jihadi John" is in fact called Mohammed Emwazi. He is a British man believed to be from west London who was known to British Security Services.

    10:49: Capegate

    Gaby Logan has tweeted her support for Madonna by showing a picture of her child falling over in a Harry Potter-style cloak: "Anyone can fall over in a cape. (Taken yesterday before school). Premonition."

    Gabby Logan on Twitter
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    10:31: In the papers

    London stories in the national papers today include:

    • Tower Hamlets councillor Amina Ali steps down four days after being selected to stand against George Galloway in Bradford West, The Guardian reports.
    • The Independent reports skyscrapers threaten Shoreditch, home of the London hipster
    Express and Mail front pages
    10:21: Demo charging questions

    The London Assembly Police and Crime Committee has started. You can watch it here via a webcast. The Met is due to be asked why it is refusing to provide a traffic management plan for organised protests meaning demo organisers are having to pay to protest. Here's our story on it.

    10:09: Allardyce press conference BBC Sport

    Nine Premier League managers are giving news conferences today. West Ham manager Sam Allardyce has arrived to face the media and West Ham have tweeted this montage, reports Sportsday.

    Montage from press conference
    10:06: Brit Awards 2015

    The big news from last night's 2015 Brit Awards at the O2 Arena seems to be that fall by Madonna after the Material Girl's cloak got caught and she fell backwards.


    As for the awards, Ed Sheeran scooped the main prize winning album of the year for his record X, while Londoners Paloma Faith, Sam Smith and Mark Ronson also came away as winners.

    09:59: News on the hour BBC London 94.9 Radio

    The headlines this hour include:

    • The scale of Jimmy Savile's abuse over a period of 50 years has been revealed in 15 official reports published in the last half hour.
    • The last set of immigration figures before the General Election show net migration rose to almost 300,000 in the 12 months to September.
    • A London professor says energy drinks should be banned for children under 16.
    09:45: On his head

    The Sun reports former England footballer Sol Campbell is being urged to stand for London Mayor by the Conservative Party and he is "definitely" interested.

    09:38: 7/7 survivor awarded

    A Muslim survivor of the 7/7 London bombings is to collect her OBE later.

    Sajda Mughal was a 22-year-old City high flier who was on her way to work when she got caught up in the July 2005 bombings.

    Mrs Mughal then quit job as head of recruitment at an investment bank to work closely with her community, particularly women.

    Scenes after the 7 July bombing at King's Cross in 2005

    Mrs Mughal, of Wood Green, north London, was on her way to work when 19-year-old Germaine Lindsay detonated his bomb on a Piccadilly line train was passing between King's Cross and Russell Square. She was lucky to escape serious injury.

    Now her achievements as director of the Jan Trust include an OBE for services to community cohesion and interfaith dialogue. She is collecting her award from the Prince of Wales at a ceremony in Buckingham Palace.

    09:28: Blow for Arsenal Andy Rowley BBC London 94.9

    Arsenal's hopes of progression in the Champions League have been dealt a huge blow after they lost 3-1 at home to Monaco.

    Arsene Wenger on the bench

    Arsene Wenger accused his players of losing their nerve and blamed "suicidal" defending.

    09:20: Diarra in Charlton move Andy Rowley BBC London 94.9

    Former West Ham midfielder Alou Diarra has promised to give his all to Charlton Athletic after joining on a deal until the end of the season.

    The 33-year-old, who won 44 caps for France and captained them during the 2010 World Cup, was a free agent, having left the Hammers last summer.

    09:12: Missing mother found

    The Met Police says Chantelle Perry, 22 and her baby son Kaiden have been safely located today in Taunton, Somerset.

    09:09: Tory AGM after Rifkind steps down

    Conservatives in Kensington are due to hold their Annual General Meeting later, two days after their MP Sir Malcolm Rifkind announced he wouldn't be seeking re-election in May.

    Sir Malcolm Rifkind

    Sir Malcolm stepped down after undercover reporters posing as Chinese business people filmed him apparently offering his services in return for a fee. He has denied doing anything improper.

    08:59: News on the hour BBC London 94.9 Radio

    The headlines this hour include:

    • The extent of Jimmy Savile's crimes at hospitals and children's homes across the country will be laid bare when a series of reports are published in the next hour.
    08:57: Crystal Palace set back Tim Donovan Political Editor, BBC London

    Plans for a replica Crystal Palace have been set back after Bromley Council pulled out of negotiations with a Chinese developer.

    Aerial view

    The authority is not extending an 'exclusivity' agreement with the Zhongrong Group because it has been concerned by the lack of progress on the project.

    The developers had promised to recreate the palace and built a cultural and entertainment complex in Crystal Palace Park. More later.

    08:48: Coming up Vanessa Feltz Presenter, BBC London 94.9

    Listen just after 09:00 on BBC London 94.9; a report today is expected to say Jimmy Savile was able to molest and abuse more than 50 people at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

    Some say it's essential it's out there and being discussed and the victims validated. Other people are saying it was years ago, Jimmy Savile himself has been dead for years, why are we discussing it? What do you think? Call 020 7224 2000.

    08:38: Most watched

    Last night at the O2 arena was the biggest night of the year for Britain's music industry but it will only be remembered for one thing - the night Madonna fell over in the middle of her performance.


    A cape malfunction, it seems, was to blame. The video of the moment is the most watched on the BBC website right now.

    08:35: Mother and baby go missing

    A mother and her seven-week-old baby, who requires medical attention, have gone missing from Bromley and may be travelling to Somerset, police have said.

    Chantelle and Kaiden Perry

    Chantelle and Kaiden Perry were last seen getting into a car at 23:00 last night. It is not believed they were abducted, but Kaiden was recently operated on and requires a high level of medical care.

    08:29: Chelsea 'racist chanters' come forward

    Seven men identified as part of an investigation into alleged racist chanting following a Chelsea game in Paris have now come forward, British Transport Police have said.

    The alleged chanting in London happened the day after the club's 1-1 draw with Paris St-Germain.

    08:20: Watch: Today's weather via Facebook
    08:15: A4 road diversion BBC London Travel

    The A40 is slow westbound through Northolt, following an accident near the Polish War Memorial at Harlington Corner.

    And traffic is on diversion around the A4 Bath Road into Harlington High Street where traffic lights have failed.

    08:11: North Circular lane closure BBC London Travel

    In Neasden, the A406 North Circular is down to two lanes westbound at the Randall Avenue junction for emergency repairs.

    There are also westbound delays on the A13 heading into Barking from Rainham caused in part by an earlier breakdown near the Pooles Lane interchange in Dagenham.

    08:05: Sunny intervals

    After a cloudy and mild morning with outbreaks of rain, drier and cooler weather with sunny intervals will start to spread from the west this afternoon.

    Maximum temperature: 9C (48F).

    08:00: Good morning Josephine McDermott BBC News Online

    Good morning, I'll be bringing you live news, travel, sport and weather updates today.

    Email me your news or tweet @BBCLondonNews.



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