Dr John Barrington Kenyon struck off for patient affair

A doctor from south-east London has been struck off after seducing a patient with mental health problems and trying to bribe her to stay quiet.

Dr John Barrington Kenyon, who worked as a GP in Bromley, "abused his position of trust", a General Medical Council (GMC) panel was told.

He offered the "psychiatrically vulnerable" woman £20,000 so she would not report the affair, the GMC added.

It said he brought his profession "into disrepute" and was a risk to patients.

Dr Kenyon made house calls to the woman, known as Patient A, between November 2008 and June 2009 but did not keep proper notes of the visits so the relationship remained secret, the hearing was told.

'Took advantage'

He provided counselling sessions even though he had not been trained, as he wanted to spend time with the woman and found her attractive, it heard.

And in November 2009, Dr Kenyon called her and suggested a £20,000 payment as "compensation" so she would not tell the GMC about the relationship, it was told.

Mary Clark-Glass, who chaired the GMC panel, said Dr Kenyon "betrayed" the woman's trust.

"You attempted to conceal your relationship with her.

"You attempted to prevent her from reporting you to the GMC," she added.

"Your misconduct towards Patient A was reprehensible.

"You abused your position of trust and took advantage of a vulnerable patient."

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